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At a glance
Neustadt in Holstein

As a port city, Neustadt in Holstein is an important location for the tourism and healthcare sector. In the region, the Ameos Clinic, the Schönklinik and the military site of the navy are therefore important employers and training locations in the region. Due to its direct location by the sea, Neustadt is a place of relaxation for many, which is also framed by the adjacent green spaces. Other cultural attractions, such as museums, are also points of attraction. Neustadt's urban structure is characterized by a separation of uses and functions, which is facilitated by the division of the city due to the Neustadt inland waterway. This means that in the east there are predominantly larger typologies, such as industrial buildings, while in the west there are residential areas and the historic old town center. The latter is strikingly emphasized by the typical brick buildings in the north.

Character & urban structure

The history of Neustadt in Holstein

Structural development

Character & urban structure

One of the first significant steps for Neustadt in the 20th century was the creation of a master plan in the 1920s, which provided for the orderly development of the city and the creation of new residential areas and laid the foundation for the city's expansion in a westerly direction. In the 1980s, further strategic plans were developed to promote port development and tourism. The expansion of the port and the creation of leisure facilities in the surrounding area contributed to the economic development and attractiveness of the city. Another milestone in Neustadt's urban development was the creation of a framework plan for the old town and the west side of the port in order to preserve the city's historical heritage while at the same time taking contemporary urban development requirements into account.

Development of Neustadt in the 20th century

As a stop between Lübeck and Copenhagen, both the station and the condition of the tracks in Neustadt play a crucial role. As part of the construction work on the fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt, the railroad line between Neustadt and Puttgarden is expected to be decommissioned by 2029. This will allow the electrified line to be upgraded. The listed railroad station will also be modernized to enable new uses. The station area will also be supplemented by the construction of a multi-storey parking lot and the central bus station will be redesigned. A bicycle station and a hostel will also be built in the storage towers. The aim is to bring the station area into focus and make it easier to arrive and find your way around Neustadt. The measures are expected to have a positive impact on the city as a whole.

Current challenges and projects


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