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BELT studios

One belt.

One region. 

Plenty of local potential.

What are the BELT studios?

In the BELT Studios, students from Roskilde University and TH Lübeck - University of Applied Sciences work on different spatial development issues. Each studio is dedicated to finding recommendations and implementing them in urban development concepts or action plans for a specific location as well as a specific theme within the Belt region. The studio work is done in collaboration with local actors, at citizen and community level.


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Studio 1

Neustadt in Holstein

Summer 2023

The first BELT Studio took place in Neustadt in Holstein. Students previously developed a spatial development strategy for the outskirts in the context of the new German-Danish belt region based on theoretical knowledge and an inventory analysis. This was then transferred into an urban development concept in the studio and subsequently applied to an area on site in Pelzerhaken.

Studio 2 - Stubbekøbing

Winter 2023/24 (tbc)

Studio 2 is scheduled for the winter term 2023/24 and will be held in Stubbekøbing. 

Updates to follow...

Studio 3

Sommer 2024 (tbc)

Studio 3 is scheduled for the summer term 2024.

Updates to follow...

Studio 4

Winter 2024/25 (tbc)

Studio 4 is scheduled for the winter term 2024/25.

Updates to follow...

Studio 5

Sommer 2025 (tbc)

Studio 5 is scheduled for the summer term 2025.

Updates to follow...

Studio 6

Winter 2025/26 (tbc)

Studio 6 is scheduled for the winter term 2025/26.

Updates to follow...


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