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BELT catalogue 2
Studio Stubbekøbing

Bachelor level students from RUC and TH Lübeck investigated urban forms and the built environment of Stubbekøbing, with TH Lübeck students focusing on Stubbekøbing and TH Lübeck students doing a comparison of Neustadt with Stubbekøbing. German students explored four themes - Visual Links, Public Space Tourism, and Retail. Field work was the basis for the TH Lübeck student reports with observations, photos and maps forming the basis of research. Video data was also utilized. A deeper understanding of the built environment and the experience of users of urban spaces was focused on. There were strengths and weaknesses for each location. RUC students explored the concepts of cycle tourism, industrial heritage and the main street. Geographic methods were used to explore their relationship to tourism.

Urban Structure


Concept 1 - Visual Links

Concept 2 - Public Space 

Concept 3 - Tourism

Concept 4 - Retail

Concept 5 - Cycle Tourism

Concept 6 - The Silo Project




Concept 7 - The Main Street 

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